How to get my life together?

my life is falling apart. I never study anymore, I spend my spare time on myspace. my parents think im struggling and trying extremely hard to make good grades when im actually spending that time on myspace. theyre very worried about me and right now im at a great school with unlimited opportunities and I know I could be doing a lot better then what im doing but now im probably going to have to switch to a different school because my grades are dropping so badly. all the teachers feel sorry for me because they think im trying soo hard and stuff when really im not but I cant tell them that im not even trying because then theyd find out about me having myspace and my parents dont know about that. im so sad and guilty because my mom worries about me so much and now shes getting stressed out and im tired of faking it and lying but I dont know what to do. im so sad and depressed and I feel like no one understands me.

Answer #1

I completely understand, cause that sounds like me. It hurts like hell not being honest to your parents, but you start getting better at it, and it hurts less. I think dishonesty fades your soul a little, and that’s where the pain and heartache comes from. From the soul, to the heart, then comes the brain. When it gets to your head and your mind is playing tricks on you, ya realize bad things about yourself; and that can really, not just get but KEEP you down. But knowing that, you gotta realize this, you have free-will, you’re a human being and only you can change your life around, only you can make a u-turn to get on the right road, if you don’t kick yourself in the butt and get going who else is going to be able to help, and if you want to continue your life hiding behind whatever clever lies you can come up with you’ll be spending more time with your conscience and it will rip and crush your heart to shreds. Depression is a sad thing and is often a losing battle, but in every person there is a voice and it lets you know in every situation, whatever you are doing, whether you are wrong or right. I know what it’s like to have people feel sorry for you when you don’t think you deserve it, I know what it’s like to earn something you’ve worked SO very hard for and then watching it fall. Watching your years of effort, proof that you try, proof that you know something or mean something go straight down the drain; you basically said you have unlimited possibilities, well let me say this, you are your limit and if you don’t get it together you’ll surely fall apart in no-time. I’m not all that great of a person, I’ll admit, but I do have empathy for anyone who feels even an ounce of the pain I’ve felt. I could have gotten a scholarship for college, now I’ll have to pay my way and this is nobody’s fault but my own, I made the grades required but then I became a hypocrite and a liar, my gpa sank but I’d just try to find reasons. I have faked like I got paid for it, and in the end I have paid for it, it cost a childhood dream, it cost a bond between me and my parents, and almost my will to live… There are so many choices you can make, you know what’s right. I’m only 19 but I’ve been going through this for 8 years and I never thought it would take a toll on me like this, you might still have a chance to make it just keep your head up and start trying that’s all you gotta do. I don’t know you & you’re probably thinking the same thing but it’s always nice to have someone to care about what you have to say. I hope this helps.

Answer #2

Dear xoxelizabeth92:

I can relate to your situation! It’s hard to be in the midst of an addiction, hiding it from others and keeping up on other priorities. I recovered from a serious addiction … alcohol and have been sober 2 years now and know the process involved is hard, painful and time consuming, but in the end it is worth it. Thelawman is correct, the hardest part is done with, you have seen that your having difficulties managing your life because of a compelling addiction, myspace! When I first seen I had a problem with alcohol, my friends and family also were worried for me! I tried my best to hide this humiliating habit, the most humiliating for me was that I couldn’t manage other parts of my life for instance keeping up with work, paying attention to those that needed me, not keeping up with bills … my pride kept me from asking for help! I landed myself in a recovery home! Stripped of my pride, I was able to be open and honest to those that loved me … and this is what is keeping me sober today. As hard as it is … try to break down those barriers of pride, tell your parents what’s going on .. they are your parents and will be overjoyed your coming to them rather than letting your self sink further and further into troubles! There is nothing wrong with asking for help, as long as your willing to take the steps to help yourself as well … just be you, cause you are awesome …

Answer #3

Good advice and good questions. I agree about having the computer in a shared area, so that anyone passing by knows what you are doing (more or less - they don’t have permission to read what you’re writing, but they do help you to stay accountable for how you spend your time on the computer.) That helps me and all my family, I think!

Answer #4

I no what you mean hun x

I’ve recently moved schools because I got kicked out, I didnt care abwt any thing or any one, I said what I thought and did what I wanted to do! I still pretty messed up!!! but now im in a new school and everything is different, I burst into tears at skwl tdai because I missed my old skwl and friends so bad. I screwed everything up, and lost all my confidence… I was stupid! and the studying went down the drain, I stopped because I though I new it all, and basicali I just couldnt be arsed! I think you should try moving schools or somthing, because at my new school all the teachers are nice and I have a lot more oportunities to do stuff…I like it there.

but youve got to do what you think is best, you can either carry on been a school drop out or get your life back together, at the end of the day its up to you :)


Answer #5

Dear xoxelizabeth92, Well they don’t understand you but you do understand yourself. You know what your problem is you spend too much time on the computer. You are not alone and should not be afraid to tell the adults in your life. Do you want help or not?? You are old enough to make your choices, not choose what is right…get some help. Where do you see yourself in five years if you continue this way? Where do you see yourself if you were to make better choices. Doing nothing is a choice so do something. Go see your school counsellor, they have information on how you can get help and they can also help. Start reaching out, you aren’t the only one who has gone through this and now you need to stop pretending you are. Sue…good luck

Answer #6

Well this is what your going to have to do is stop going on myspace that much…most people think of myspace as addicting and cannot get off of it just like games on the internet… but you need to think of you grades and how you cannot let other things distract you cause when you are older your probably not going to be on myspace your going to need that job that is going to support you and whoever. just try not to go on myspace that much try to find out things to do… like studying or hanging out with friends or something to get your mind away from myspace.

Answer #7

Right to make it a lot simpler,firstly delete the myspace.Then it wont be there to go on and you wont have it to hide from your parents.You do not have to have a myspace. how did people cope before? Have a clear out of your room and make an affort to keep things clean and organised all the time so your head is clear. Go to the library to study. Once you force yourself to make the effort to go you will do something at least when you are down there. Do something about it before your being depressed turns into actual depression from not helping yourself.

Answer #8

The solution is to first take care of yourself and eat right. In your case that would mean eating lots of red meat. :) (re your post on not eating veggies!!) and drink lots of plain old water (bottled or filtered tap, whatever suits your fancy) when you will eat lots of red meat, and drink lots of water, you will feel energized and happy and you will want to succeed so you will start trying. also make a goal for yourself. absolutely no MySpace, until all your work is done. If being with friends make you happy then pair up with a friend who will do your homework together with you and reclaim your school life by making your learning a priority.

Good Luck!!!

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