Is it normal for a girl to watch porn?

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Seriously.. It is normal, I guess you can learn MANY TRICKS OF THE TRADE. lol. :] and a lot of the time it is a GIANT TURN ON. :]

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Most women don't enjoy porn but it is normal to watch it and enjoy it. A lot of women just feel uncomfortable watching porn by themselves. My wife enjoys very little porn but whenever she finds something she likes she has no quarrels. Just do what you enjoy, I mean it's not hurting anyone else.

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sometimes...out of curiosity or if she misses her boyfriend or is trying to find things to say and do during sex

Why do I watch gay porn if im stright?
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Ell: I like porn, I think a lot of girls just won't admit it because it isn't considered the social norm yet, or they've just never seen it. There is a lot of porn I don't like, but like theinjun said about his, when I find porn I do like the first thing I want to do is drag Brian in the room, shut the door and sit down for a movie. It's just like women drinking used to be this awful awful thing. In a few years it's going to be nothing.

Do you consider watching porn cheating?
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sure, it's whatever you're into. there's no right or wrong.

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I think its great. I watch it often and pleasure myself. theses girls need to stop actin like they don't watch

Watching porn.
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it's compleatly normal =) ahaha... some of my girls learn most of their "sex 411" from watching porn!!

Is watching porn cheating?

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