Do girls ever watch porn?

Do girls ever watch porn? And as a follow up, what do girls think about guys that watch porn?

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I don't think watching porn is gross but if you do too much that's pretty degrading, and it's pretty freaky.

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I am one.

Is it weird for girls to watch porn?
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of course girls do silly! lol
girls do a lot of the same things that guys do... fart, poop, masterbate, watch porn, burp
all that good stuff. lol
if a guy watches TOO MUCH porn then its weird...but good if they dont =] lol

Girls watching porn?/
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I whatch porn L0l for when I have sex I can expert at it. its no big deal lol.
You learn more to me for when you actually have sex you can know what your about to be doing. I think its cool for guys to whatch porn.

When a girl likes to watch porn is that weird?
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yeah.girls watch one of them;] and I personally think boys that watch porn are perfectly normal but there is a such thing as too much.boys who are obsessed with porn are freakish

Watching porn, is it OK to girls to enjoy it?
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yupp→a lot of qirlz do .

Who thinks watching lesbo porn if you're a girl bad?
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I'm pretty sure every girl has watched porn once in their lives. I started when I was in junior high.

and for guys who watch porn, big deal. if I guy doesn't like to watch porn I would think that was weird. I'm not gonna lie

Is it ok to watch porn and matserbate if im a girl?
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Of course we watch porn! and if they say no...well, they are probably lying.

No...some...touchy-feely time usually comes after we watch porn, or at least for me.

Is it ok for girls to watch porn?
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frank enough babe... keep it up

Why can you watch porn at 18 and have to be 16 to have sex
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Of course girls watch porn and they do masturbate. the safe way of fulfilling sensual feeling and knowing the pleasure of sex by themselves.
GO and enjoy Sex ...
no wrong

straight girl but I love to watch gay porn is that normal?
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a guy who doesnt watch porn is, well, gay.

Do girls watch porn?

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