Is it weird for girls to watch porn?

Heyheyy, so for some reason, I'm kind of into porn. Im only 16, im a girl, and I try not to watch it, but sometimes I just cant help it, is this weird?

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There is nothing wrong with watching porn if your a girl.. There is a guy in there so what is the problem.. My fieance and I watch it together when we are looking to descover more intresting moves...

Dont feel ashamed a lot of girls do it

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No. Its completely normal for you to be interested in sex. It is very healthy and normal for you to want to know what it looks like, how to do it, ect. Just because you are a female does not make it bad to look at porn. Don't be ashamed, be proud that you at least have the guts to admit that you like to look at it. :)

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hahahahahahahaha!!! me too!! but im not ashamed. all my friends know I watch it. I watch it with my boyfriend sometimes, lol. its super funny!!! the guy NEVER really knows what hes doing! and the girl makes THE dumbest noise ever!! lol #sigh# but, yeah its perfectly fine. :)

Watching porn, is it OK to girls to enjoy it?
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Perfectly healthy, don't worry.

many girls that enjoy porn would deny this because some people do not believe it is socially acceptable and they are worried about being badly judged or deemed weird or desperate.

Basically, more girls enjoy it than care to admit to this.


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I'm a girl and watch it all the time. Why should only guys watch it?

Is it weird for a girl to use porn to get you in the mood?
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You tell 'em oneheartnow !


Is it normal for girls to watch porn?

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