What to do when my Mom makes me feel ugly and low?

Well, me and my mums been arguing again and she keeps calling me ugly and fat and before we had the argument I used to think I was really attractive. But no my confidence has gone down hill again and I’ve promised myself not to talk to her. If my Nan was alive right now she’s kill her for what see’s saying to me, I really wish my Nan was here now :’(

We’re always arguing and she brings up the same things all the time, like I’m ugly and all the other girls around here are gorgeous and she wishes they were her daughters.

Her newest thing to try and hurt me is by calling me a lesbian .. but I’m not ;/ I’m hundred percent straight, but because I’ve never slept with a guy because of my confidence about being fat she thinks im a lesbian.

I try to hold back the tears but her words hurt so much. And I dont think im pretty at all at the moment and she’s making me feel really low. :(

Answer #1

well this definatly isnt how a mother should act she could be saying these things because shes recently been going through a hard time, she could be depressed even you could try talking to her… tell her that while you love her you dont like being treated this way, she shouldnt be calling you pathetic names for no reason and as for saying she wishes other girls were her daughter… no mother should be telling her child she wishes she was prettyier and constantly bringing up there physical appearance… perhaps you have a father that youd be happier living with, or could even ask if you could live with one of your freinds… but either way I think you need to sit her down and have a talk

Answer #2

yes they are 100% right that needs to change a mother shouldnt put you down they should build you up

and ps. you are very beatiful and any guy would be lucky to have you ok so cheer up =)

Answer #3

I think you got some pretty good advice the other time you asked this.

She is probably jealous because you are beautiful and she wasn’t. Or she is unhappy with something else in her life not related to you, and she can take it out on you. It’s not fair so just remember that it’s not true.

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