I can't afford abortion. please help?

If you're reading this and you're anti-abortion, please, do not give me your input on this question... I dont care that you're against abortion! You dont know the situation I'm in.
So, im only 17 years old, im pregnant, and I can't afford an abortion, neither can I afford to take care of a child, neither do I want to even give birth. And my parents are living in a cheap hotel room because they cant afford an apartment.
Is there any way I can get an abortion PILL for little or no cost, if I explain my situation?

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Im 15.And please let me warn you,loosing a child will be the hardest thing youve ever done! My baby died and you dont know how hard it is to cry yourself to sleep hoping to die and see your child in heaven.So please go for adoption.Please.YOur ruining your life.And your killing a child.The baby can feel the pain,they give it no drugs. Message me to talk please.

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I am mother of three girls! please dont kill your baby! look at you tube type in babys aborted! after you let me know!!! abortion and the horable storys women have to go through are on you tube.com.God gave you this baby. this baby might be here at a wrong time in your life. please if you need help I can find a family or your baby! give your baby life not death! your baby can feel this pain when they abort your baby. just think if some on was sucking your brain out would it feel good! yeah thats right thats how they will kill your baby! they give no meds to these babys they kill. they feel every thing! if you do this you will never be a happy person again! my sister she aborted her baby at 5 months!!! she was 15 she didnt know about how it hurt her baby. untill afterwords when it was to late! she never forgave herself and has never been the same sence! I love babys and cry to here a baby in pain! if you dont want the baby I can help you! if you want a your baby to have a great life. I will help!

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I'm sure if you call Planned Parenthood, they can try to accommodate your situation or point you towards a place which can help. Good luck!

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I am very against it but in your situation it sounds like you should get abortion. but im just letting you know that you are killing a human being that is a part of you and could some day be very successful in life. there are places that help you out with stuff like this for clothes and supplies like salvation army, and neighborhood places. like we have this place in wisconsin where you can just go there and pretty much take what you need. but if you dont have places like this or money, you should get an abortion. a free clinic can help you but you have to be a certain amount of weeks pregnant to get it for free there.

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Thank you.
Im just worried that I'll have to pay ANYTHING because im sooo broke, I cant even eat when I want to. I have to wait until my parents work out a way we can eat. And if I ever had a kid (which I wouldnt ever at this age) I'd want my baby to be happy.
But if I cant get an abortion, and realll soon, I'd have to give birth, and go through all the pain when im not at fault for this and it wasnt with someone I love which, emotionally, will hurt me, for life.
But deffinetly, thank you for helping.
ANY advice helps :)

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I agree, Planned Parenthood should be able to help you. At least give you some sort of payment plan for the future. Your decision is your own, don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise.

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ithink you should talk to plann parenthood I think they will be able to work something out for you. I hope all goes well.

some body please help I need all the help I can get with this !!
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Planned Parenthood are here for situations like your own.
You won't need your parents there, they won't need to tell your parents and they can give you the abortion pill but I'm really not sure about payment. I'm guessing it's free but don't count on my prediction.

please help I'm being tested tomorrow

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