Bleeding please please help anyboby FAST

ok I got on birth control like the end of august and I’ve still been bleeding like when I got on it I kinda stop like just spotted and then istarted my period and now I been bleeding for 3 weeks. and I wanna stop because this weekend suppose to be really fun and ima hook up wit this person but I wanna wear a cute outfit and I dont wanna wear a pad and tampons hurt and I dont wanna bleed thru?? PLEASE HELP!!! The lady told me to take 800mg iubprofen 3 times a day that it will help but it hasnt yet what do I do please help???

Answer #1

Everything depends on what BC you are taking. Contact your doctor and ask what you can do for the bleeding. If you got the depo shot the only thing that usually stops it is taking the pill. I hope all goes well.

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