I already Have 5 Kids And My Husband Wants More

How Do I Tell My Husbsnd I Cant Handle Anymore Kids?

Answer #1

Tell him that if he wants to be the next Brangelina, then he should try being the one going through childbirth all those times.

Answer #2

take tied tubal or birth control if you disagree maybe try discuss with your husband so very serious that big enough 5 kids whoa whoa … it too much working for you what if you more depress you will do hurt 5 kids like drowned in tub I know you don’t like what I say but please forgive me… keep care of 5 kids dont be next will be 6 th you will be crazyness… your husband need get a help… tell him to tied sperm off!

Answer #3

This question is a little disconcerting. Perhaps it’s a little naive of me, but one would have thought that in a relationship where you have shared the most intimate things that two human beings can share, such as sex and childbirth, that you would be at a stage where you can talk to each other about everything. I don’t get it, what about what you want too? Doesn’t he care about that?

Answer #4

Tell him its your uterus. Having that many kids could affect your health. Explain to him the pros and cons.

Answer #5

Tell him as soon as he can get pregnant and give birth, he can have as many kids as he wants.

Answer #6

is it the kids he wants or the sex?…

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