Hurricane Ike in Florida

Anyone else live in South Florida where Ike is heading?

It’s a category 4 storm (the scale is 1-5). Andrew was a 5. Katrina was a 5.

Ike is basically heading right south of Miami. People are starting to board everything up, schools are already canceling days next week, water and soup is flying off the shelves. Is anyone else here just as exhausted as me?

Answer #1

I just got back, so this is the first one I’m having to deal with… my uni seems oddly quiet about the whole situation…

princesss - the main trouble was with the levies breaking and the flooding… it wasnt actually the storm…

Answer #2

I hope your going to leave if its anything like Katrina id be sorry if I didnt

Answer #3

Between the gators, tarantulas, crabs, humidity, tourists, and the fact that the entire region gets flattened by a hurricane twice a year, I’m continually amazed that anyone chooses to live there. Like… on purpose. I like beaches too, but dag, yo.

There’s a tropical storm headed for New York and a few street fairs got canceled. So it’s practically the same thing :) It’s going to be a category 5 drizzle with a 70% chance of a rented movie.

Answer #4

I am and I live in the Tampa Bay area. The storm could turn right its still pretty far in the Atlantic its scary to think about a Cat 4 or 5 hitting any where .

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