Anybody annoyed by this Fargo-Moorhead flood?

Ah man, This flood is supposed to be in effect in my area this weekend I suppose but 2 weeks ago we had our Spring Break, yeah I’m a highschool student and like the week after that, which is pretty much this week we haven’t been in school we kinda almost had the whole week off due to the flood warning students were asked to volunteer to help sand bagging efforts and so pretty much classes were empty and now THIS upcoming week we have.. it all off again and I have completely nothing to do we were advised not to leave our homes or to evacuate so any ideas of what I could do to keep myself busy besides sketching because that’s all I ever do :(

Answer #1

Do you have any books? When I was young we had quite a few hurricanes (including Hurricane Andrew). I read books constantly through the storms, by candlelight. Saved my sanity!

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