why do you think humans are the reason for global warming?

Answer #1

Because…. Humans are raising CO2 levels–CO2 traps heat–Our planet is accumulating heat.

Answer #2

While cows are, I believe, the hugest cause for methane, which is a huge greenhouse gas, we’re the ones keeping so many cows alive. We’re keeping their natural predators away and breeding them in high numbers. On top of that, overpopulation and what seems to be a general unwillingness to carpool does, as Angelee said, raise carbon dioxide levels. We’re simultaneously chopping down hundreds of much needed trees per day, which just happen to be our only air purification system.

Answer #3

they arent

Answer #4

We’re self-important. Only reason I can think of at the moment.

Answer #5

the real reason for global warming is that the earth goes thru cycles, right now we are in a warming cycle hense for global warming

Answer #6

while the earth goes through cycles this “cycle” is much faster and more unstable than previous cycles

Answer #7

Because of the way we polute the earth, yes the earth does go through cycles, but naturally it doesn’t get poluted so much over such a long period, and I firmly believe that it can’t be good for our environment.

Answer #8

The question asks why you believe it, so answering in the negative would imply why you don’t believe it, in other words answer the question

Answer #9

Because The media tells us we are.

Answer #10

AKA we’re being cooked like Baked Beans in a tin.

Answer #11

She can Answer howebver she wants to answer, this isnt Nazi Germany.

Answer #12

Well there were alot more Buffalo than there are cows at one time and the produced just as much methane as cows, so no, not so much.

Answer #13

yes and no, theres evidence that in the past the earth warmed even faster in a shorter amount of time. tho the thing is, in the past after a warming cycle ends, the cooling begins and that is where some of the ice ages began. we could go into a plant freeze if that is what the next cycle is. but no 1 knows what is next. we can only assume things until it happens

Answer #14

Well the idea of an answer is usually to answer a question, otherwise it cannot be called an answer

Answer #15


Answer #16

I apologize; there were, at one point, a lot of buffalo. We happened to almost kill them off. The problem is that while they’re creating this layer of greenhouse, we’re polluting more and more under it. The bad stuff can’t get out, and it’s just adding up.

Answer #17

there’s not hard evidence that we are the problem. i’m not saying with absolute certainty that humans aren’t the problem or havent contributed, just that the data is very ‘loose.’ when scientists talk about temperatures and ocean levels in the next 50-100 years there is a large variance. to me, this means that they don’t really know anything. same thing when they say that co2 emissions caused the problem. i haven’t heard any solid evidence/proof that this is the case.

Answer #18

I thought the theory of global warming was discarded? I think, the media refers it to “Global Climate Change” now because the Earth is not only rapidly heating, but also cooling in parts where it was once hotter.

I think humans are not the only cause of rising/lowering the temperature of the Earth. Scientifically, the Earth itself goes through periods of transformation where climate changes as the Earth is constantly tilting on its axis more and more. The rise in emission from certain vehicles coughAmerican-madecough tend to be on the heavy side as well.

There are many factors in what can cause this, but I do agree that humans are speeding the process up by adding more pollution.

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