What are your views on the seriousness of global warming?

I need your opinion…thinking of what you have seen in the news is the seriousness of global warming gernerally exagerated , generally correct or is t underestimated?

Answer #1

I don’t know becaus elike now you cant really tell if its gooin to be hot or cold the world is changin mann and you will all seee but im not sayin its going to ens but it is changin..

Answer #2

Well, we should take care of the Earth whether we’re deep into global warming or not. By taking care of it, we would probably increase air quality, the quality of water, as well as the overall quality of life :D hehe, makes me sound like a tree-hugger. lol

Answer #3

I couldn’t care less about it. Its an exaggeration in my opinion. The world isn’t going anywhere, at least not during our lifetime.

Answer #4

Personally I think it is overestimated.

The world is in constant change, whatever we happen to do to it. Yes I agree we might be speeding up the change however it will change with or without our help / hinderance.

My advice is this…

Do “your bit” eg recycle, use public transport and any other number of ways to “help” but dont worry about it. It will happen anyway.

Answer #5

personally I think its underestimated.

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