What's better - HTC or Blackberry?

Answer #1

You can always compare them together on a mobile phone site but if i had to pick 1 right now it would be the Blackberry. The Canadians do make a really good mobile phone. ;)

I should point out that i’ve never used any of them.

Answer #2

I have a HTC Wildfire S, and it’s great. Personally, I hate Blackberries, they’re terrible. Then the BBM was down for about 3 days last year, wasn’t it? I prefer HTCs, but since I’ve never owned a Blackberry I suppose I’m biased

Answer #3

I have the Blackberry Bold, & I love it! I’ve never had problems with it, then of course if you do.. it’s the carrier not the phone. I’ll just keep upgrading my blackberry whenever a new one comes out.

Answer #4

htc cuz blackberrys always break and plus they are ugly phones and htc are just cooler

Answer #5

HTC. EVERYONE has got a blackberry and its not cool, its standard. Also HTC is much better and comes with a navigator and tons if apps. U can also download more apps

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