What can I give my boyfriend for christmas???

Guys answer as well as girls please!

Okay so yesterday my boyfriend randomly asked me what my favortie color was. I said purple. Then today we were talking and he was like “whatcha doing for christmas?” and I was like “staying home “ and he said okay ill give you your present when I see you. I was pretty much shocked because I dont really expect stuff like that. So now im wondering what can I get him? I dont really have money right now, he likes sports and music. Hes a football player. Im really not sure what to get him! Please help!!!

Answer #1

cologne, every guy needs that. and maybe make him a some christmas cookies

Answer #2

just make something from you <3 and he will fill like you care for him

Answer #3

Get him a football.

Answer #4

buy him condoms and then take him to somewhere and have sex with him thats the best present a guy could get from his girlfriend

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