what I can give my boyfriend for christmas?

Hey:) so uhm any suggestion what I can give my boyfriend for christmas? I want something special but not too expensive:) tnx:) suggestions are much appreciated

Answer #1

Here are my suggestions:

  • A pair of board shorts with your name printed on his backside.

  • His and Her matching watch or charm + necklace‚Ķ (you have half a heart on your necklace and he has the other half and when you are together, if you put your charms together, they both form a complete love heart)

Answer #2

well you can give him a silver or gold necklace or make something homemade for him like a card or a cd that he likes or you can find some clone he mite love also you and him could take a picture and put it in a frame and give to to him or just buy something yall both can enjoy for you and himalso you could just say his present is you kuz I think he will love that the most lol if you need more help message me and hope this worked take care

Answer #3

u can buy him a glod necklace sum real ones cost 12 bucks at da flee market

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