What to give my boyfriend for Christmas?

I don’t know what to give my boyfriend for christmas. Should I give him a kiss or should I buy him something? What do I do?

Answer #1

A gift from the heart is always best.. Im am sure that your boyfriend will appreciate anything that you have put though into… Homemade gifts are always special too.. and greatly appreciated

Answer #2

I’d say burn him a cd of your favorite songs that remind him of your relationship. Write a poem, copy it onto a beautiful piece of paper then frame it. Get him a gift certificate to a place he likes to shop. And give him that big KISS :)

Answer #3

buy him a present then give it to him then kiss him you can buy him a new hat or calone ???

Answer #4

Buy him something then when he’s really happy kiss him with love!

Answer #5


A Kiss would Maybe be too, Not Special. Maybe you Should Buy him a Watch? or Something he always Wanted before? witch isnt too Dear?

Answer #6

How old is he and how long have you been together. Is it serious?

Answer #7

Give him both… and don’t put so much pressure on yourself about what to get him! Do you know what bands he likes? Then get him a CD or something! Guys really are NOT that complicated when it comes to gifts and they usually will enjoy something that is practical for them like xbox games, a watch, a hoodie, some candy… whatever they can use! Good luck!

Answer #8

I don’t know what to get my boyfriend!! can anyone help? please?

Answer #9

This year I have decided to take pictures of all the stuff my boyfriend loves (which is muscle cars and trucks) and make it into a personalized calendar that has all the birthdays and anniversaries that I want him to remember. Guys like this because then they know to check it to make sure that they don’t screw up and forget our birthday or something bigger. Also, I know that something else is to go out and find that perfect sent that you love on a guy and buy it for your man and tell him that he is completely irresistible in it. Works like a charm… but if all else fails, just make him a care package of baked goodies or pre-made meals to put in his freezer like find out his favorite recipe from his mom and make some frozen meals for him.

These are some ideas I’ve racked up over the years for my man, hope that it helps!!

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