How to start essays?

How do I start an essay about my self with out “My name is”? I have to write an essay and I want it to be creative and I have a few Ideas but what do you people think?

Answer #1

I think you could ask a few questions and answer them yourself, or call on a few people for their answer

Answer #2

‘The first thing you should know about me is that I find it hard to start essays!’

Answer #3

“I was given the name (name) by (parent 1 & 2) on (date), when I was born.” Shrug

Answer #4

Hmm how about commencing your essay with:

Looking over the rims of my glasses, I … (insert whatever you need and continue from there).

Ok this next idea is a rip off from my baby brother who is still in high school…He wrote an essay about himself as a house-hold furniture…Basically he described his surrounding and where he was living as if he was a piece of furniture…He got pretty good marks for creativity.

Answer #5

On the day of my birth, the second of the month of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand, nine hundred, and ninety three, my father did look down at my newborn visage, clutched his fist, and thundered at the storm-tossed heavens, “I NAME YOU NATE!”

Answer #6

First, Do an Introduction about yourself. This will be your essay. ( you tell your reader what you are going to tell them) Follow by “ 3 things you like. example: do you like sport , music , anything you like to do. Point 1. You tell them what you like. (sport) Point 2. You tell them ( personality) Point 3. You tell them ( dislike) Make sure you support your point. Lastly,conclusion . Again, you tell them what you told them.

I hope this make sense. When you follow these steps and you will have essay about yourself. Myself, follow these steps and I get better and better each day. Above, step is from my English/Writing Tutor so I am passing it to you.

Answer #7

To write an essay about yourself, think of something interesting to share with your readers. List points your want to share. Decide if you want to start at the beginning (young and at home growing up) or with the incident you want to share. Are you sure you want to bring others into your private affairs? If so, read about writing essays or better yet…

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