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Okay, so im writing an essay in english & I can choose any topic for the essay and I need help on some questions to answer for to write in my essay. (if that even made sense)

So, at first I was thinking about writing about System Of A Down but then I would have to write about the split & then I would have to write about Serj Tankian and Achozen & then last but not least Scars On Broadway. I would love to write about them but that would be too much so I've decided to write an essay about Funadvice.

I do love funadvice (woooah im a bit addicted) but how can I made the essay humerous? How should I start the essay? what things could I include in the essay?

Could you give me some questions that could help me with the essay? ...and how I can improve the essay? I have some knowlege about the site, I've been on for some time now but I really don't know how to start off, what to put in my essay to fill it out a bit more so could you help me out?

Im trying to make this essay an int2 grade so I can do higher next year therefore I can be accepted into college the year after.

Thanks in advance - any information would be helpful (the more the merrier :P)