how to start a research paper

how do I start a research paper…the topic is police and why I want to be a police person. its a career research paper

Answer #1

start off with a short excerpt on why you wanted to be a cop. Then say lke: I’ve wanted to be a cop since I was because . My teacher makes us do that sort of stuff all the time so I’m not half bad at it.

Answer #2

well, make it interesting.. start it off with a chase scene, as if you were witnessing a cop do a chase scene, make it very descriptive and make it interesting, then say “thing like that make me want to be a cop” or something to that extent, it’ll catch the reader’s attention, and keep it interesting.

Answer #3

remember that in research papers you do not use “I”

Answer #4

Oh, thirst thing you should do is to take a look at research paper examples

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