How to solve the equation for algebra 1 problem?

Solve the equation for y: 6(y-2)+5=-13

Can any one explain how to do it. Explaining please not just the answer:)

Answer #1

I am sure your teacher has mentioned the acronym PEMDAS to you before.

P = Parentheses E = Exponents M = multiplication D = division A = addition S = subtraction

The first thing you have to do is simplify the equation by following these steps.

P – inside the parentheses is just (y-2), which is as simple as it can get, so there’s nothing more you can do E – there are no exponents, so nothing to do there M – multiplication. On the left side of the equation, you have the 6 outside the parentheses, which you have to multiply by the (y-2) inside. So you multiply 6y and then 6-2. This gets rid of the parentheses, and you get 6y-12. Then just copy on the rest of the equation, so the whole thing looks like 6y-12+5=-13. D – no division A/S – combine all similar terms by adding or subtracting them. On the left side of the equation you can add together -12 + 5 to get -7. The whole equation then looks like 6y - 7=-13. Now add 7 to both sides of the = sign, and you’ll have 6y = -6.

Now instead of 6y, you just want to solve for a single y, so you divide both sides by 6. You’ll be left with y=-1, which should be your answer.

To find out if you’ve done it all right, now you can check by putting your answer of y=-1 into the original problem and see if it alll works.

6(-1-2)+5 = -13 6(-3) + 5 = -13 -18 + 5 = - 13 -13 = -13 It works, so the answer was correct.

Good luck.

Answer #2

answerguy is correct here, kinage lost the “+5” somewhere while he was doing the equation, which messed it all up.

To remember the order:

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (Parenthesis Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction)

Parenthesis (y-2) is already simplified, they are unlike terms. (“Please”)

Exponents: there are none (“Excuse”)

So, next is multiplication:

6(y-2) + 5 = -13 6y - 12 + 5 = -13 (multiply the 6 by everyhing in the parenthesis, so 6 times *y and 6 times-2, which is -12), “My”

Then division (“Dear”) (none)

Addition and Subtraction, in order: (“Aunt Sally”). Leave the 6 alone because it’s attached to the *y, so an unlike term. 6y-12+5 = -7,

so 6y-7=-13 Add 7 to both sides:

6y= - 6,

y = -1

Answer #3

ok well you multiply 6 by everything in the bracket so itl be 6y-12+=-13 then you move the y’s to one side and the numbers to the other so it will become 6y=12-13 the -12 changes to a + 12 when it moves over the = sign so your left with 6y= 1 and the answer is y=1 I think thats the right answer lol

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