algebra 1 problem

a store charges $5 to monogram a person’s initials on a backpack. Mrs. Salas spends $262.50 to buy monogrammed backpacks for her seven children. Find c, the cost of onebackpack before monogramming.

Answer #1


Answer #2

The cost of 7 monograms at $5 would be $35. So take 262.50 and subtract the 35 for monograming. Now you have the cost of the 7 backpacks, 227.50
Divide 227.50 by 7, and each backpack was $32.50.

Answer #3

well 5 x 7= 35. Because he has seven children, and he is monogramming all of them. So 262.50- 35= 227.50 for the backpacks without the monogramming cost. So 227.50/7= 32.50 per backpack. So 32.50 should be your answer!

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