Man's hair cut

I am asked by the stylist, “how do you want your hair?” (I never go to a barber because they don’t ask just cut.) I ask if they have a menu but they just laugh. I can never find a picture in the magazine to explain my wish since most of the style is from moose and gel. I don’t want to have “a number 4 cut” because it is either too long a haircut or too short for me. I can’t even decide if I should go with a very short or very long cut. my hair is getting really long and wavey and I am putting off getting my hair cut too long. what is the short answer to my long question?

Answer #1

“could I just have a trim?”

Answer #2

your best bet is to have your hair cut with the shears instead and instruct the person as he/she goes along. at this point they should really be able to envision what exactly it is you’re looking for. also, magazine selections are kind of limited have you tried searching lloks on the internet or the “hair” magazines at the salon?

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