How to put stickers on my surfboard?

Does anyone no how to put stickers on a surfboard without then coming off?

Answer #1

try putting something like a clear laquer over them although im not sure how that will hold up in the surf or with the wax yyou put on your board …if you stick the sticker down hard enough it will probably stay there for a long time, even while surfing

Answer #2

the water might take them off pretty quickly…why don’t you try getting an airbrushed tattoo on it…they last a couple of weeks and are water proof.

Answer #3

First of all, you need to be sure that the sticker printing of your surfboard stickers is done on a good material. To know what paper type works best for this, check out this link: After that, make sure that the portion of your surfboard is dry and clean. This will make your sticker last long enough.

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