red and black dress

I have a red and black dress, would whie shoes work?

Answer #1

lol the dress is red and black lol

No try red or black shoes, or mabe silver is you have silver acessories

Answer #2

they might work with the black one , but I highly recomend red or black shoes and they work for both dresses

Answer #3

heck nooo and ii am a boy who got a girl can dress

Answer #4

If I were you I would go with Black shoes to match it,but whatever you feel comfortable with,go with that.


Answer #5

not with the red dress. the black one maybe. it could work depending on how it looks like.

Answer #6

probably not for red and black try darker coloured shoes like black, red and maybe brown, blue, silver or gold personally I dont think white shoes would look good but if you like them thats fine and you can always get your familyt and friends opinion as well

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