What will go with my black and white dress?

Well I have never been to a dance and I bought this pretty black and white dress but I dont know how to do my hair, makeup, or what shoes any ideas would help thanks:)

Answer #1

I would wear a bright colored flat. theyre comfy and will make the outfit pop. I would wear nuetral eyeshadow and glossy lips with very little eyliner and mascara. add some bright colored jewelry as a finishing touch and put your hair in loose waves or curls. good luck!

Answer #2

red heals look totally classic with a black & white dress. but you can go for any bright colored heals or flats, if you don’t like heals or are really tall.

I’d do a smokey grey eyeshadow. (many tutorials on youtube.) and a light glossy lip. mascara.

I’d go for wavy or curly hair..it looks more formal.

Good luck! I’m sure you’ll turn out beautiful! (:

Answer #3

convers (: will go with it. trust me youll be happy when every outher girs feet ake and yours dont and they will be totally cute too. me personally id have my hair up sordof in a messy but not too messy bun. and as for make up id do some eyeliner and a little blush (: hope I helped

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