How to make a sickness worse?

I haven’t been sick in awhile, and all of a sudden, I think I have the cold/flu/fever…something, and it’s not as strong as it should be..According to my doctor, my immune system is already behind, because when I was like 11-14 I always took medicine, like pills, even when I didn’t really need it. An I need to get sick now, so my immune system could fight it off, and become stronger.

So I was wondering if there were any ways of making your cold/flu/fever worse? [Plus the weekend is coming up so I’ll have some time to rest up in bed.]

Answer #1

your body dosnt work hat way…every time yo get sick yor immune system is fighting againt the sicknes…trying to make itself better and preventing he sickness from getting worse…it would be very silly to try and make yourself get really sick. you dont know what your body is capable off…it might not be able to fight off a major sickness…so everyime that oyou are sick its fighting it off so that it WONT get worse

Answer #2

If there was a way you could get more sick, we still wouldn’t tell you. Try to get better, not worse. :)

And, if you’re sick more than a few days, you should go back to the doctor & get a professional opinion…we’re not medical professionals.

Answer #3

have another sick person caugh in your mouth and sit outside for for like 4 hours.

Answer #4

drink super cold icy icy water naked outside your house, be sure its windy, and try not to sleep for 24hours, surely ull get the worst out of it. hope dis works 4 u. :)

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