How to know if my Jack Russell is pregnant?

My JRT was in heat about a month or so ago, and her belly where her nipples are is getting bigger and a little saggy. Is she maybe pregnant?

Answer #1

take her to the vet for a altra sound aprx.50 dollars I DONT RECOMEND checking it yourself

Answer #2

My Jack Russell is 7 weeks pregnant. Her niples have gotten bigger but they are not as big as they are supposed to be. Her belly is quite big and I can feel about three puppies in her belly. We are taking her for an altra sound on Wednesday next week. We have increased her food and she is very protective of her food. Also she keeps licking everything like my hand a lot. We have been letting her sleep anywhere she wants so we don’t have a whelping box. Do we really need a whelping box? and this is her first litter is there a chance that she is pregnant?

Answer #3

Hi - Yes there is a possibility that she is. I have a 7 month old Jack Russell who was impregnated about 3 weeks ago. He nipples will enlargen, then gradually start to sag. She will sleep a lot and lie down alo even if she does not sleep. Take her for X-Rays to make certain, but those are signs of pregnancy. Good Luck!

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