How to keep dyed hair longer? (reds blues and etc.)?

I want to dye my hair with random colors like red blue purple green etc. but with them being unnatural colors they dont stay long how can I make em stay longer?

Answer #1

If your hair is brown/black, colored dye will not hold. You need to bleach it first, if your hair is a gold blonde, you may still need to bleach it. Using a color-stay shampoo will help lock in the color by up to 30%. I used to have a pink fringe and I had to re-dye it every time I washed my hair (I dye it myself) otherwise it would fade and look washed out. Its gets a bit annoying though having to re-dye it.

Colours like blues and greens will stay in longer than reds and oranges and purples. Red, and the colours that have a bit of red in them (orange purple pink etc) have some kind of pigment in them that makes them fade very easily.

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