losing myself

how do you keep your kool? how do you remain clam as you go w/ the flow?how do you stay content? I have trouble with thoughs things there are just sum days we I feel on top of the world and then I hit rock bottom and if feels like I don’t know who I am any more

then I start acting differnt =[

Answer #1

Hey, I know EXACTLY what you mean. This is how I am overcame this feeling, found myself, and became much happier.

  1. ask yourself if you’re happy with “the flow” I mean are you REALLY satisfied with THAT???

  2. re-think your friends. Even if you think you’re in the right crowd doing the right thing, you need to ask yourself “are they REALLY my friends?” Even when you feel like they are your friends, its hard to tell sometimes…

  3. do what makes YOU happy, not anyone else. Be YOU and not who everyone else makes you be. Get it? Start from scratch. Where the most simple clothes and let your expressions and emotions decide your next step.

  4. if you’re religious, like me, pray about it… Even if you’re not, it would atleast make you feel a little better. Or not…I don’t know it works for me, but thats just me…

Anyways, talk to me :)

Answer #2

whether your up or down make shure you make the most of it just think to your self yesterday is history tommorow is a mystery and today, today is a gift thats why we call it the present good luck!!!mwaaah

Answer #3

We ALL have our ups and downs - it’s normal - just take 1 day at a time with a good attitude and keep that smile going…make it a good day !!

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