How to get rid of pimples fast?

I have pimples all over my forehead and am going on a date friday!!I need help quick and add me as your friend please!!im only 12 and I do not need anything painful and I cant go buy anything!!would be great if just had to use houshold items!!thanks!!llove ya’ll!!peace!!

Answer #1

im haveing the same problem ; I dont knoe of anything but I need help fast too ; but I will add u ; sorry I couldnt help .

Answer #2

rubbing alcohol!!! poke little holes in the zits and put alcohol on a q-tip then rub the zit with it. the alcohol will get down in there and dry it out.

Answer #3

well think bout it. the person that asked you on a date likes you for who you are. but if you really want to get rid of them, wut you can do is eather put on cover up or theres this stuff at walmart called retinay and it got rid of my pimples in 2-3days. its like 10 dollars but you dont get pimples for a long time!

Answer #4

Try tee tree oil it works amazingly good luck and dont worry you can simply try cover up x

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