Bad pimples how can I get rid of them fast?

I have some bad pimples and I would like to know how I can get rid of them fast! Any help here?

Answer #1

Well I live in England so I dont no if you have Sudocreme over in the U.S… But if you do, then put that all over your face before you go to bed (so you look like a ghost)…But an old towle on your pilow…and wipe the remainding of in the moring…do this 2-3nights and your skin will be wonderfull ! !

GoodLuck x

Answer #2

make sure you keep them REALLY clean then DONT touch them use toner and a little rubbing acohol if you HAVE to scrach your face wash your fingers really good frist…if that fails num your pimple(s) with ice to stop the reddness and swelling then put some good foundation on it plus dont worry they will soon leave you Proactiv works amazingly too…hope I helped

Answer #3

Thank you for the help! I will try some of these tips!

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