How to get rid of pimples fast

Ok I need help school is starting here pretty soon for me and I started to get a pimple and I was just wondering if there is a fast way to get rid of them … because I really wouldent want to go to school with PIMPLES !! please help !!!

Answer #1

If you take some rubbing Alcohol, pour a little on a rag, and wipe your whole face, it will not only clean the dirt off of your face, it will dry the pimple out. It may not go away in one day, but it will cut the process!!!

Answer #2

Wash your face with soap or with acne cleanser or something to that affect or even lava soap. And wash it and remove with warm water and don’t put any makeup or any mosturizer on,and it dries them out and hopefully soon they would be gone.Or just use toothpaste,dont get it too close to your eyes though.Hope this helps:)

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