how can I whiten my teeth at home?

how can I whiten my teeth at home??? where its not painful!!

Answer #1

where can I buy this crest whitening? im in the philippines.

Answer #3

I’ve heard using baking soda works. Do a search on yahoo or google for way to whiten your teeth at home for other suggestions.

Answer #4

baking soda and peroxide :)

Answer #5

Have you even heard of Toms toothpaste? It works really good, if you buy it however, make sure its the one that includes “whitening” on the label” Oh, and they sell them and health stores!

Answer #6

I agree, I use crest white strips every 6 months. It works so well! I don’t use anything else. It doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t taste that bad [[trust me there are some that taste horrible]] Also, you can talk and do what you normally do when they are in.

Answer #7

Try crest whitening strips (I’ve seen it work with my friend)

Answer #8

brush with hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda

tastes nasty but really works

Answer #9

baking soda and peroxide really do work!

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