How to cope when your teen daughter is pregnant?

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Don't be so selfish. How do you cope? How does your teen daughter cope! Hopefully with your help. If it's your daughter's pregnancy what are you trying to cope with anyway? You're not pregnant with little or no support. She is. Stop worrying about yourself and offer all the help you can. Old baby clothes cradles etc... are a good start. If she's not at home demand she returns home so you can help support her through the sleepless nights. offer to babysit at every opportunity. You'll be gaining bonding time with your grandchild too. Tactfully find out what the father's contributing. Don't say anything if the father's absent or unknown. If he's there just be grateful a lot of fathers aren't.

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beat the crap out of the slut. teenagers need to focus on education not having kids!

for teens only!(between 13-19)

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