How to convince a teenager

How to convince a teenager to go to church? What can I do?

Answer #1

Pray for them to seek God.

Answer #2

list the best things that God could do for them

Answer #3

to force somone to go to church is very WRONG if you want them to go to christianity let them find their own path their, because bribing is WRONG, your ‘God’ is about finding their ow personal paths their, so let them do that, and if not, tough… love him/her for who they are and not their beleifes

Answer #4

well unless they actually want to go to church and/or learn about your god you cant force them to and you should respect there decision/beleifs and if they do beleive in your god, its not a requirenmet for anyone to “have” to go to church anyway

Answer #5

blah blah blah^^^ shes a proud athiest. ; ] Well religion is pretty personal, so my suggestion would be to connect with a teen or all teens on a personal level, instead of just standing on top of the hills yelling “GOD IS GREAT GO TO CHURCH” because that won’t work.Just make church fun, or have a youth group ya know? Dont make it for like little kids, but dont make it for adults you know? Like teens dont enjoy sitting through mas and listening to a preacher for an hour, but we dont like sitting there coloring Jesus and Mary in a coloring book. I suggest just doing interactive games and things like that…if you are trying to convince a teen to go to a boring mas or a little kid group, it wont work…you need to suit the teens as well!

funmail me for more help

Answer #6

Tell them it’s a great place to meet hot guys/gals. If they don’t go for that, resort to other forms of threat or bribery.

Answer #7

kyra112 , yes I am got a problem with it? theres nothing wrong with an athiest answering this question you need to show some respect because without it you wuill get none in return and based on your disrespectful opinion to my answer I certainly dont respect you and your beleifs

Answer #8

I agree with kyra112 - trick them! Make church look like a video arcade and teens will pour in.

Do not talk about g-d, like kyra112 says…it does not work to talk about g-d.

oh, I forgot to add the part where she was rude to an athiest.

Maybe her rude and insensitive attitude would convince teens to come. You could try that.

I do not believe in tricking people to come to church. Just invite them. Tell them about your church and ask if they want to come with you some Sunday.

you christians, always trying to recruit.

Answer #9

Make church look like a video arcade and teens will pour in.

I agree…let’s forget the whole point of getting people to go to church…oh wait, can’t remember what that was.

Honestly…you really have a problem if you need to advertise for people to have to go to your church…

Answer #10

dont try to force them to, if you do force they will be more relucktent to go in the future. encourage them by getting them in a church activity

Answer #11

The general way is to tell them that God will reward them by letting them live forever in paradise in Heaven if they go to church and do as they are told and God will torment them in Hell forever if they stay home and question anything in their Bible or that their church teaches.

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