How to connect to the internet on my laptop via ethernet cable?

My PC is connected to a broadband modem, and uses Windows XP. My laptop runs on pre-paid internet data and uses Windows 7. Recently I removed the blue ethernet cable from my PC's modem and connected it to the slot in my laptop. Immediately my laptop connected to the internet and worked fine. I did this the next morning and, again, it worked fine. However, now whenever I connect my ethernet cable to my laptop, it recognises the connection but does not allow me internet access. Could somebody please explain to me what might have gone wrong and how I could fix it? I would like to access the internet on my laptop ASAP so possibilities of purchasing new products etc are not an option.

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erm, when you say modem do you mean network card?

ok it doesnt matter but if your taking the ethernet cable from the back of the PC and plugging it into your laptop it shouldnt cause a problem and should connect..

this is what id do: check all connections to the external modem.. yes I know you can connect via your PC but just unplug and replug everything back in just to iron out problems there.

next, if you have 2 try plugging the ethernet cable into a different port.

in the network and sharing center you will see 'change adaptor settings' and if you click that and tell me whats there, if anything it will help and if you right click the network connection and just make sure 'enable' is selected..

if your still unable to connect: run the trouble shooter and make a note of the error code as this will allow us to find the exact cause and get it fixed..

the trouble shooter is located in the network and sharing center..

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Thankyou for your help, it is working now :)

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