How to be a great man?

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just work hard,dont vex others, never waste time

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Help your friends then you will be great friend
Help your parents then you will be great son
Help your country then you will be great citizen
And there are many things you can do and you will be a great man.

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Just thinking about this means your on the right track. 1. Honor God. 2. Honor your parents. Both Sue and esconult gave great advice. Great men are made, in part by the choices you make and in part by the pressures life will throw at you. The Character of a man is not measured so much by how he handles a situation under crisis, but how he handles the day to day things in life... Any man can handle a stressful situation on occassion. A REAL MAN is committed for the LONG HAUL! Stay FAITHFUL, to God, Parents, Wife, Friends, Boss, Country.

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Well, as William Shakespeare said, "Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. And others, have greatness thrust upon them." I'm sure you are a great man. Whichever way you obtained greatness, I'm sure its in you and you just have to let it shine! Honor yourself, honor your family, honor your community, and honor God. Know that perfection does not exist, but there is greatness in everyone. In your own ways, you are great. So you don't have to win the Nobel Peace Prize or be the next Oprah Winnfrey to be considered "great." Learn from your mistakes, and you will grow as a person :)

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Dear honryou,
Great men are made...So to become great you must make yourself great. This can be achieved by giving yourself many, many choices in life. Good grades so you are able to choose the college or university you wish to go to. Great verity there so you can choose a strong career. It's all about can be a great office assistant or you can be a great surgen...but you need to do things so you have this choice.
Sue...good luck

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Start by being a great son to your parents.

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