How tall or how short?

do you prefer partners short or taller? Also, would you consider 6 feet too tall and unattractive for a girl?

Answer #1

I like girls who are shorter than me…right now idont think I would go for a girll whos 6 ft tall, but in a few years, if im taller than that. ill be all for it :)

Answer #2

I like taller guy ^_^ and I am ok wit shorter guys but I cant stand guys my exact height lmfao I don’t know why just irritates me

Answer #3

I like guys who are atleast a bit taller then me. I’m like 5’8 sooo I no what it feels like to be tall and all the cute guys are shorter =
I think yer height is fine =]

Answer #4

I also prefer short but tall is ok to, plus I think as long as people like you for you, how tall you are doesnt matter

Answer #5

I think that tall is perfectly fine, it makes it easier for the guy to kiss you. And no matter what, it’s your personality that matters.

Answer #6

I’d like them to be taller than me, but it doesn’t really matter. And, I am jealous of your 6-feet tallness!

Answer #7

Short girls are cute. But tall long girls are sexy.

Answer #8

I usually only like guys who are significantly taller than me. I wish I was 6 ft tall!

Answer #9

I prefer shorter (im a boy) havnt you seen de models? theyr all tall =)

Answer #10

Depends on the guy/girl - if he’s/she’s into being dominated by his girl/her boy then that detail alone is a turn-on.

Somehow, it’s a psychological thing - for most guys, the thought of his girl being taller evokes a sense of being overpowered hence they go for shorter girls. But for girls, the thought of a guy being taller than her gives her this sense of security, of being protected - the thought in her saying that “This guy makes me feel safe - like, he can take on everything and anyone that’ll harm me…” For that reason, maybe 6 ft isn’t an issue…

But if someone is into the love-surpasses-all philosophy, height doesn’t matter for him/her (among other things)…

Answer #11

I think im 5’6” and like myself sust the shortness i am :)

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