Would you rather be tall or short?

Do you like tall people or short people? I mean like which would you rather be? cause I am tall and I hate it…

Answer #1

I like all people if they’re nice anyway.

I would rather be…short because I’d weigh less. but then again, I’d like to be tall because juniors’ clothes is wayyy better than limited too and GAP kids lol.

Answer #2

probably short b/c then If I had a boyfriend or sumthn I wouldnt b taller than him b/c I have cen that before and its weird!!

Answer #3

short beeing tall makes you stand out also tall people cant joke around people take them way too seriusly

Answer #4

if your a girl and tall theres nothing wrong with that. if your personality is cool, and have those looong legs I dont know who could resist

Answer #5

I’m short and I enjoy it. I can fit into spaces that tall people can’t, and edge up to the front of the crowd at concerts and stuff. It’s also easier to blend in.

Answer #6

Tall. There are a lot of short people, being tall makes you stand out…in a good way. Well, sometimes. You have your days. Some days being tall is a great thing. Other times you feel so tall you want to curl up in a ball. I get called a ‘giant’, since I’m a female that’s only thirteen and 6’…I just laugh it off. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Just because your tall doesn’t mean you weigh more. I’m 5’11 and 128 pounds..I’m a stick compared to most short people.

No matter if you’re short or tall though, people should always respect you as who you are. Nobody will treat you right if you don’t believe in yourself. I’m glad I’m tall, but I wish I could be an inch or two shorter. :)

Answer #7


Answer #8

I want to be tall an im short! I guess were just not grate ful enough. well we get what we get for a reason

Answer #9

I know exactly how you feel..exept im soo short. I hate it, I do . but none of us can be happy with what we have..darn

Answer #10

I am 5”8” and I am 16.and by the time I stop growing.hopeflly I will be at least 5”11”.so I like tall people

Answer #11

I am short…and I like being short…but personally I like tall guys,since I am short <3

Answer #12

Short - but if I was a guy I’d want to be taller.

Answer #13

I like being tall! :)

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