Is it normal to kiss a guy the first time you chill?

If you see a guy (or girl) you really think is good looking && they were walkin on the street and you started talkin to them for like 2 hrs, would it be normal to kiss them?

Because ii was walkin and this really banginnn black guy came up from behind me and started talking and he seemed all kool & stuff. He had seen me before at another place butt didn't want to say anythin cus ii was with my ma. So we traded numbers after awhile and played basketball at a park. He started talkin about kissin and how he could teach me how to kiss good and that if ii kissed him, I'd be wantin to kiss all the boys lol. And ii was like ahh ii dont even know you that well. And he's like well thats how we'll get to knoe each other some more. So ii said so is that how you get to knoe your boys? And he's like if they looked like you ii would. He said ii was actin all shy, butt ii really wasnt.

So like do people normally kiss the first time they chill? Like ii know you can, butt is it wrong?

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As cutiewant2006 stated "thats not how you get to know someone", but I disagree on the "if you feel comfortable to go for it", because you will be sending him the wrong message. If he wants kissing this time, what is he going to want next time? Personally, I wouldnt even want to hang out with him anymore after that. To me that just tells me what kind of a guy he is, and what he wants from a girl. Its not about looks, its about personality, and how he presents himself. He wouldnt have made a very good first impression for me...

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Thats not how you get to no someone. it would depend on how comforable you are with this person. To get to no someone you usually just talk to them on the phone or texting one another, and hanging out. But it you feel comforable with this guy then by all means go for it. Hope I helped, funmail me if you want to talk about this or anything else on your mind.. :)


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