How Should I do my My Make up with Different Colored Eyes ?

I Really Need Advice So Anything Is Helpful! So If you could take the time to help me, I am Thirteen Just about Fourteen. I also straighteen my hair and am sorta tan and like having my eyes “Pop” out. While beeing colorfull and noticable.

Answer #1

Well One is Green and some times Blue, And the other is Brown. Ill ad a pick to show you girls.

Answer #2

well I really like to use different coloured eyeshadows, so if you have bright coloured eyes then use a dark eye shadow such as brown or black to make your eye colour stand out. Another really quick and easy tip is to put a white eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes, this makes the eyes look wider and eyes look brighter :)

hope I helped, :)

Answer #3

Ok, we know what you want, but we don’t know what colour your eyes are…that little bit of info would help.

By your username, I think green and brown…but one of each, both…or?

Answer #4

I know everything there is to know about make-up now, and if you have brown eyes, try wearing purple. It really makes it look more popish. If you have green eyes, I like to use a darker blue, more matelic than soild. Some people don’t agree with that, but I’ve been doing make-up everyday trying new things out, and trust me I know. Purple also goes good with Green eyes too. Give it a try, you never know what will work until you use different things hundereds of times. Again, trust me I know. :]

  • Advice Girl. (:
Answer #5

And Also my Picture shows them, Really Well.

Answer #6

for brown eyes purpul or a red colour loks nice

Answer #7

her left eye is green and her right eye is brown :)

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