Will colored contacts make my eyes look fake?

I really want either torquiose, green, or blue contacts.. but I don’t wany my eyes to look fake

my eyes are dark green if that makes any difference..

So, will they make my eyes look fake?

Answer #1

I got them and they look really pretty… and like all the colored contacts they do look kinda fake, but natural at the same time haha

people think they are pretty =D

Answer #2

I would get white ones.. They look So AWESOME!!!

Answer #3

it depends on which particular ones you choose. if they are the more natural ones rather than the really fake looking ones then they look good , but do you have a pic of your eyes?

Answer #4

as long as you put them in straight they wont look fake. your eye color might make a differance with the way it blends in and what not. but it wont look fake

Answer #5

First of all, I dont see why you should put color contacts on if your eyes are already colored. I mean I wish I had colored eyes like you did. Im pretty sure you have pretty looking eyes already and putting another color contacts over them is quite stupid in my opinion. So I would suggest to not put any contact on and show your pretty natural green eyes instead. Oh and yeah they do look kind of fake but only when you are close up to the persons eyes. But if you really want to try them go for it.

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