How shall I say No to my boyfriend?

HI, m 19. . I’ve had sex with my boyfriend, and I love him more than nethin in the world… I had it only because he insisted me to(n trust me, I dint have any gud or awesome feelin al the way, because I was pathetically nervous!)… and at times I feel guilty of doin so.. nw that he keeps me asking again, I told him frankly I dont want to repeat unless we’r married.. but he keeps insisting, telling that this is so normal between boyfriend-gfs.. so I should agree to him.. how shall I say him a no? and it hurts me to think him as a pervert.. is he really so?

Answer #1

he’s normal, and now that you did it he will want it again. He will have to be the most understanding guy in the world, or he will cheat on you if you stop it now. You need to get over your guilt, or you shouldn’t have done it to begin with.

Answer #2

Well honey I think if he really loves you , he will respect your feelings. Being in a relationship takes two people. Never do something that you are pushed or encouraged to do. You have a mind and if you don’t feel it in your hear. Don’t

Answer #3

if he lovees you he will understand and do what makes you happy. good luck

Answer #4

you shoulndt have done it since you didnt want to, but that cant bechanged, if he loves you, he will wait for you. Dont give in to him because you are scared he will leave or cheat, those arenot reasons to have sex. If he loves you he will respect this, and understand and wouldnt continue pressuring. Just explain things to him, but dont give in to his pressuring.

Answer #5

im 18 a year younger than you and that could be your ignorant way for not listening but its ok… anyways it sounds like that was your first time and if it was you probably didnt like it much because it was kinda uncomfortable but it usually is for first timers and usually isnt for a guy even if hes a first timer … if you do it more often you will definitely like it as much as he does or maybe more since a girls area is more sensitive… and girls are more perverted than guys but society trains women to not seem so open to it…and is the opossite for guys… guys fucks many girls equals player/pimp not such a bad name and almost sounds like its great… But a girls fucks many guys and she equals a slut,cunt,w hore,hoe and that really doesnt sound too great now does it. … you can also use a vibrator till you wanna do him again… and then carry on. :)

Answer #6

thank y’all for so much help.. I was on the verge to give in, in the fear of loosing him.. it is not that he “pressurerises” me.. but he keeps asking.. its like sometimes beggin.. and I feel so sorry for him.. but I really dont wanna do it.. first, m sorta afraid.. and second, I dont feel real comfortable with it.. and yeah, that was my first time.. and yet again I cleared explained him last night we met.. he looked like a cute lost pup.. I hate seeing him disappointed.. :( but cudnt’ help being tough on him.. hope I’m right…

thnx again for your support..

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