What do I say to my boyfriend to get him hornier???

My boyfriend wants me to be sexier when we talk. He’s always saying really sexy things and we share our fantasies, but I don’t have anything else… I’m boring.. what can I say to him?

Answer #1

Another young teen out to PLease her boyfriend. Trust me Hun when I say, this guy most likely isnt going to be your last!

Answer #2

Maybe you could use ienuendos?(probably spelled that wrong) Or, you could grab him, that usually works. :) Its pretty easy to get guys turned on, just say the most perverted thing you can think of, that usually works. lol

Answer #3

say things that make him feel like you are going crazy over him…make him feel wanted badly…wear sexy lingerie…a thong or some cute sexy panties and matching bra…or you could go to the mall and buy a sexy lingerie…it works for me…or you could keep him waiting (you know) (wink wink)

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