What do you do, my boyfriend says my puss taste and smell weird?

Okay my boyfriend and I are very sexual, and a couple weeks ago he fingered and ate me out. But he said that my vagina had a weird taste and smell. I am VERY clean I bathe everyday. What do I do? how do I get rid of the smell? and what is the taste and smell? HELP!!

Answer #1

but what do I do about it?

Answer #2

it is true that you can change how you taste based on your diet. if you eat a lot of pinneaple (which I have benn told REALLY helps) it will make you taste better. eating healthy makes you taste good. eating meat makes you taste bitter. eating junk food (or anything with a lot of preservatives or something that is not that healthy) makes you taste like shit.

Answer #3

…the taste and the smell.. is your vagina.. the smell is your shampoo.. or the sweat.. or his spit… …jesus… lol btw… hes a jerk for saying that to you. like honeslty thats just really rude and not even neccary… I woulda slapped him. but im a guy and I dont have a vag.

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