How much would gamestop give me for these consoles?

How much would gamestop give me for the original nintendo ds, a psp, and a gamecube?

Answer #1

Well at one point gamecubes were being sold at gamestop for like 30 bucks, so you probably won’t get much for that. And probably about 40 or 50 for the DS, if it was lite or dsi you would get more, but its original so its worth less. And the psp, probably about 70 or 80, but it depends on if its a 1000, 2000, or 3000 model.

Answer #2

not much is all I can tell you.

Most companies you trade games and game equipment give you very low prices for them.

I suggest trying to sell them somewhere else first. Go to gamestop, ask there price offer, and then try selling them in a yardsale or something for a little more than that.

Answer #3

the above is right youll probably get the least amount or the gamecube then bit more for the ds and a bit more for the psp gamecubs can seel for arund $50, or less at a good secondhand shop and places like ebay the ds, maybe around $70-$100 and the psp around $100-$200 but your not going to get anywere near that at a store so ask around at gamestop and other places dont take the frst offer you get just get there estimate then either sell them to the place that pays the most or sell them yourself at a yard sale or on a place like ebay were youll probably get more for them

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