How much money does gamestop give for 360?

How much money does gamestop give for trading in a xbox 360?

And is there an other place that gives more money for it?? (pawn shop, ebgames etc.)


Answer #1

it depends on how good of condition the game system is

Answer #2

sell it on ebay. gamestop/ebgames gives you about 75 dollars for it. its not worth it, id have more fun throwing in at a tree

Answer #3

ebgaames and gamestop are the same store, so they”ll give you the same amount no matter which store you bring it to. Go ahead use your gamestop card at ebgames and it’ll work. I don’t know if they’ll give you more with a membership card (doubt it) but I can tell you that they will try and rip you off, like give you $10 for it. So its best to take that and the games and stuff and see what you can trade it for on a site like craigslist. Or sell it to a pawn shop, which might give you a little more.

Answer #4

Selling to another individual always gives the best deal. Only go to a store if you don’t have the time and would only throw it away otherwise. Because going to a store is only slightly better than that.

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