How much work are cats?

Please only answer if you have a cat and know how they really are. Please only honest answers

Answer #1

cats aren’t the hardest things to take care of. I have three cats and the are the best animals ever.

1: you dont need to give them baths, you could if you reallt wanted to but I would suggest giving a bath to a cat with claws.

2: clean their litter box every 1 to 2 days.

3:of course give them food and water.

4: the vet bills arent cheap, but if you were to get a cat, try to find one that is already declawed, and if it turns out you cant find one that isnt declawed, I would recommened getting their claws removed because they can scratched furniture.

so trust me. a cat is no work at all. I have 9 horses, sure the are cute and fun, but 9 horses compared to 1 cat is NOTHING!!!

Answer #2

Cats can be playful and want to bite and in that case you could have them declawed.If there is a litterbox then a cat will go in it and really they are not too hard I have one named Nubby.

Answer #3

Don’t worry, cats are super easy to take care of. I would know, I have 3 and I have 2 dogs.

cats, you just have to give them food and water. clean out their litter box unless yours just goes outside and give them some love and occasional puking every once in a while. oh and train them to use the litter box. And let them out if they’re outdoor cats One of my cats use to poop in the back room bathtub before he learned to use the litter box. to- iloverungo08090 Not all cats puke to wet food.

Answer #4

I ave 2 cats. heres the bad… they pee on my bed, the get hair everywhere, they dont play with you like a dog would, they puke if you give them the wrong food, cleaning the litter box SUCKS! they good, you dont need to walk them, or give them a bath, they dont smell bad (mostly). I would really think about it… and if you do get on never give it wet food it makes them puke! yuck I know…

Answer #5

It depends… You never really know what you’re getting into… My cat peed every where for a month before I figured out why (we have to get a new clothes dryer). She’s fallen sick, and she’s thrown up in random places… Every day, they tend to be low maintenance, but things happen, and vet bills arent cheap…

Answer #6

k, thank you so much because im thinking about getting a cat and my mom and dad were leary about it

Answer #7

They’re not really hard, but there are some things they might do, like scratching furniture, spraying (males), etc.

Answer #8

they arent any work at all,barely usually don’t have to give them a bath because they keep themselves clean 2.just clean out their catbox about everyday 3.brush them once in a while (if you dont want hair everywhere) 4.and just poor food and water in their bowl everyday (I suggest dry cat food)

trust me…its not a lot of work,I have 2 cats

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