How can I stop my cats loving me so much?

I know this sounds really mean but it’s really getting annoying, my cats NEVER leave me alone. They act like I’m their kitten. They even try to follow me to school I don’t want them to stop loving me, just not so much.

Answer #1

Throw them a ball of yarn and watch it works its magic.

Answer #2

get your cat a nice toy or maybe you could get another cat. they can keep eachother occupied

Answer #3

If you can get a cat to love you that much - enjoy it.

Most cats are very aloof and prefer to be left alone. Out of my ten cats, I have only 3 who are big babies and I love it. :)

Answer #4

what do they have in the way of toys and other things to occupy their minds? Cats like to be the boss, acting like you don’t want them around will only make them want to be there more. How do they get treated when you are gone? do they have something to do? Give them something else to focus on.

Answer #5

why dont you try ignoring them for a while and not paying any attation 2 them I had the same problem with my cats creepy rite so try that or get a dog haha jk jk dont do that!! buy some toys or a scratching post or maybe they want you to love them more be happy they love you most cats hate their owners and hide hiss and bite so I don’t know do what you wabt

Answer #6

Just ignore them when you are trying to do something. I kick my cat out of my room when she is being a pain. She used to cry and put up a fuss, now she knows better. No matter what you do, you cannot let them back in if they’re crying. That just increases the crying behavior the next time.

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