How much should your height and weight be to be a model??

How much should your height and weight be to become a model??? And are there any other rules to be a model?? (other than being 15 ft tall or 10 kg) lol Tnx!

Answer #1

You must be over 5’7’’ and anywhere from 90 to 130 pounds is usually the cut off. That goes by height so if you are 5’7’’ they want you around 90-110 if you are 5’8’’ they want you 110-120 if you are 5’9’’ they want you 115-130 ect.

Of course if you are just interested in commercial or print modeling none of that applies but its not as glamorous or busy as high fashion modeling is.

Answer #2

you need to be 5’9” to model for females and males 6’2” and weigh has to be on the middle ofthe BMI scale.

Answer #3

their really stricted on their weight.. like they consider 134 pounds if it was 300 pounds! but I guess it also depends on your boss and what your modeling for. height is at least 6 ft tall.

(all this is from what I’ve heard)

Answer #4

well my sister does modeling she weighs 125 and she is in good shape and they are fine with that… and she is 5’6 or 5’7 and she does just fine… I have done a little and they are fine with where im at… really it depends what modeling your doing… you could go onto like mlphotography… my sister has done some with them and you can see some of the models on there… its and you can see for yourself some of the different photographs and the girls on there… good luck!!

Answer #5

You have to be at least 5’6 by the age of 13… older female models have to be 5’8 to 6 feet.

Answer #6

I have always wanted to be a model I am 5’4 and 132 LBS.

Answer #7

ok well I wanna be a model I thought I was 5”8 but the docter lied im actually 5”7 and im 145lbs, but im not fat I think I would just be considered a plus sized model. I dont think it really matters. if the people like you,then they will except you. I see so many people on so many different websites sayin how tall you have to be or how much you have to weigh, first they say you have to be 5”8 then they say 5”9, then they say 6”. everybody says different stuff it just depends who you are dealing with. I watch americas next top model all the time and in cycle 3 eva won and she was only 5’7. so dont let anyone tell you how tall you have to be or how much you have to weigh ,just let the modeling agencies deal with that.

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